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eclectic thoughts: Goodbye, 30 Rock


Dear 30 Rock,

When I was in 10th grade and just a mere comedy nerd in hiding (and denial), I was looking for shows to watch and I stumbled upon 30 Rock one Friday afternoon and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy and overjoyed that I did. 30 Rock was, in the most cheesy way possible, the start…

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Five Great TV Moments of 2012


Well, well, well. It’s almost February 2013. It’s Flu season. It’s cold. The best parts of the life seem to have already happened. Remember Summer 2012? Wasn’t that sweet? Yeah. It was. Remember when all your shows were premiering and the whole season was in front of them and they were not on hiatus? Yeah. That was pretty swell. To help get you, the reader, out of your winter slum-glum, I have compiled a list of the best moments of television.

Why this list, now, you ask? Because you the reader have not read a list about last year for a month now (almost)! If you’re sick of reading winter-y, cold, looking-forward-put-your-best-foot-forward lists, this list is for you. It’s nostalgic, fun and all about television. No one doesn’t love television (that’s an impossible thing). First, however, a quick disclosure: this is just a simple list, based on my opinions and feelings , not on facts; I am not a professional list maker. I can guarantee you right now that you will either a) disagree with me, b) think I missed something, c) hate me. I’m already over your understood hatred towards this blog now. Be cool everyone…And, without further ado, my favorite television moments of 2012 (in no order because ordering is too much pressure also I can’t pick)——

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